Efficient and Effortless Transactions

Seamless Web3 Integration With Bundler

Merge and manage multiple accounts simultaneously with Bundler.

Simplifying Transactions, Amplifying Throughput

Rationalizing transactions and abstracting complexities like gas management and signatures

Account Management

Create, manage, and interact with smart contract accounts for streamlined blockchain operations.

Advanced Features

Explore new possibilities through customizable logic, including social recovery and on-chain reputation systems.

Transaction Batching

Combine multiple transactions into a single bundle, reducing gas fees and improving performance.

Security and Compliance

Secure your transactions with encryption, tokenization, and PCI DSS certification.

The Essence of Bundler: An Architectural Overview

Bundlers optimize user operations, acting as intermediaries between smart accounts and blockchain.

Who Should Use Bundlers?

Bundler as a service is perfect for a range of users.


Simplified low-cost transactions and dApp interactions.


Easy deployment of smart contracts, resulting in better user experience.

Service Providers

Optimized fees and higher speed of transactions.

Crypto Traders

Swift and smooth flow of extensive transactions.

The Future of dApps: Abstraxn’s Bundler Solution

Our bundlers are paving the way for a new era of user-centric Web3 applications.

Easy Onboarding

New users can navigate Web3 without managing private keys or complex technical terms.

Enhanced Security

Bundlers offer multi-signature wallets and other security features, protecting user assets.

Comprehensive Accessibility

Users can interact with diverse Web3 applications through a single, unified interface.

Your Digital Security, Our Top Priority

Security is at the heart of our Modular Smart Accounts. Safeguard your assets and data by using different means


Mempool for UserOps

Leverage our bundler SDK to seamlessly submit and retrieve user operations.


Horizontal Scalability

Automatically scale your dApp based on real-time demand fluctuations.


Parallel Relaying

Bundler allows concurrent execution of technical and administrative processes.

Let’s Activate 

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