Flexible Payment Options

Simplify Gas
With Paymasters

Enabling smart gas policies to boost user growth and retention.

Optimize Your Web3 Ecosystem

Tackle gas fees and accelerate transactions with our sophisticated paymaster system, using any ERC20 token

Abstraction Layer

Our Paymaster provides an abstraction layer that isolates gas fee management from core smart contract logic. You can focus on application development without worrying about gas costs.

Escrow / Relay Model

Paymaster supports escrow and relay models for gas fee management. You can deposit funds in advance, while relay models connect you to gas fee relay services.

Gasless Transactions

Paymaster allows users to send transactions without paying gas fees themselves. The paymaster will cover the gas costs and charge it to the user later through off-chain mechanisms.

Gas Limit Constraints

Paymaster provides the ability to set gas limit constraints to eliminate excessive gas charges. It ensures cost predictability and prevents smart contracts from running into out-of-gas exceptions.

Deciphering the Paymaster Architecture

Paymaster is designed to allow smart contracts to pay transaction fees on behalf of users.

Who Should Use Paymasters?

Abstraxn paymasters can be utilized by a wide range of users.


Take control of their finances and make informed decisions.


Expedited blockchain operations and minimized transaction costs.

Crypto Enthusiasts

Reduced technical complexity in blockchain-based transactions.

Web3 Marketplaces

Assured seamless experience for users across multiple blockchain networks.

Transform Payroll with Paymaster!

Your payroll data is securely protected by Paymasters technology

Encryption at Every Step

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using industry-standard algorithms, safeguarding it from unauthorized access.

Multi-Sig Authentication

Implement two-step verification to prevent unauthorized logins, adding an extra layer of security to your payroll system.

Role-Based Access Control

Restrict access to critical functions based on user roles, ensuring that sensitive data is handled only by authorized personnel.

Regular Security Audits and Updates

Continuously monitor and address potential security vulnerabilities to safeguard your payroll operations effectively.

Your Digital Security, Our Top Priority

Security is at the heart of our Modular Smart Accounts. Safeguard your assets and data by using different means


Gas Efficient

All transactions are done at low gas fees, ensuring seamless and cost-effective interactions on the blockchain.


Automated Transactions

Paymaster automates gas payments and signature checks, improving accuracy while lowering manual errors.


Enhanced Security

Paymaster acts as a gatekeeper, filtering out unauthorized transactions, frauds, and hacking.


Seamless User Experience

Paymaster reduces technical intricacies, facilitating easy engagements with blockchain applications.

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