Simplify Contract Payments

Streamlining Web3 Interactions with Smart Accounts

Navigate the decentralized ecosystem with flexibility and convenience

Take Charge of Your Finances

Maximize efficiency and control of your smart accounts using the power of modularity

Passkeys Authorisation

Simplified onboarding and accessibility with advanced passkeys system. Access and manage your assets seamlessly.

Session Keys for Recurring Transactions

Optimized experience with temporary and limited-time permissions for repetitive payments.

Multi-factor Authentication

Amplified security with multi-layered verification, reducing the risk of frauds and breaches.

Integrated Ecosystems

Traverse various blockchain networks effortlessly, boosting diversification of your assets.

Modular Smart Account Architecture

Enabling flexible, customizable, and secure account management through composable components.


2 out of 3 confirmations by Signers are needed for the transaction


Transaction is pending as the other signers need to confirm


Approved transactions will be executed

Who Should Use Modular Smart Accounts?

Modular Smart Accounts are ideal for:


Take control of their finances and make informed decisions.

Business Owners

Speed up, and streamline their money management.


Achieve their financial goals faster and more efficiently.

Early Adopters

Stay ahead of the curve with hi-tech financial technology.

Link Your Modular Smart Account to Other Financial Services


Seamlessly integrate customizable, gas-efficient ERC4337 Smart Accounts into your dApp.


Streamline wallet development by delegating ERC4337 infrastructure to trusted experts.

Layer 2 or Appchains

Enhance your network with ERC4337 for dApps and wallets utilizing account abstraction.

Your Digital Security, Our Top Priority

Security is at the heart of our Modular Smart Accounts. Safeguard your assets and data by using different means


Social Recovery

A safety net that lets you recover your account if you lose access, using trusted contacts to verify your identity.


Anti-Phishing Protection

A shield against deceptive attempts by fraudulent websites and emails that try to steal your login credentials.


Permission Management

Manage the apps and websites that can access your data, putting you in the driver’s seat of your privacy.


Transaction Limits

Curbs potential losses in transactions, with adjustable spending caps for users and businesses.

Let’s Activate 

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